Eva Emter

Memory Assemblage 1
Scrap wood, wood glue, nail gun nails, two storage drawers, 10 empty cigar boxes, four empty cans of soup, five fishing buoys, found rope scrap, muslin cloth, ballpoint pen, black thread, white thread, wax, black spray paint, black charcoal, roofing tar, and chicken wire

6’ x 9’x 3.5’
(182.cm x 274cm x 106.68cm)

I began collecting things that I associated with my father and my mother. I found that these generally split into American and Japanese objects. I am interested in what is filled or what is replaced when a void is made or when something is abandoned- unconsciously or not. I personally tie these to the omission of parts of my culture when in different environments. I am interested in the potentials and yearning that arise. I gather these materials and objects that I associate with my memories to create something new. Then with these independently found pieces, I see them as a prospect for self-definition- what were once independent entities become whole to be encountered upon. Therefore, this is a piece that cycles through changes.”