Finn Sylwester

Design, Construction, Conception, Subjugation
3D Modeling + Animation - Blender

An exploration of the multi-faceted development of a Santa’s android elves. Each layer in their creation is on display: from their inner mechanical makeup, to their nice outer shell, and even to the designers of the commodity itself-- the other elves. Sculpture is the natural medium that I arrived on because I felt that focusing on a three-dimensional form was necessary in order to illustrate the physical space that production inhabits. Though it’s only on a small scale here, it’s easy to see how quickly production can double in size.

Santa’s workshop is the epitome of consumerist practices. The legends themselves were fabricated in order to push profits during the holidays, and more profits means more manufacturing  and assembly. Santa’s elves (the workers) are a necessity to maintain the North Pole’s huge output. Yet, the friendly imagery and atmosphere surrounding the Santa Calus brand prevents their exploitation. Perhaps they could be replaced with something a little more controllable? Surely no one would notice their complete android substitution if they still all looked the same?